VIZIO E Series E701i-A3

VIZIO E Series E701i-A3

If you are looking for a superb TV that can deliver top end performance, VIZIO E Series E701i-A3 could be a good choice. Well, there are some good reasons why this television has become a popular choice. VIZIO E Series E701i-A3 is a television that comes with a slim design which is very suitable for those who have a room with limited space. With the use of its 1080p image quality, there is no doubt that it provides a better experience when watching movies and playing games.

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VIZIO E701i-A3 Smart Dimming Zones Technology

VIZIO E701i-A3
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The other innovation made for VIZIO E Series E701i-A3 is the addition of a new technology known as Smart Dimming zones technology.

This is a technology which will adapt to surrounding brightness which will result in giving stunning realism while saving more energy.

Unlike other televisions that come with the conventional refresh rate, VIZIO E Series E701i-A3 comes with the high speed refresh rate up to 240 Hz which will give you a more detailed picture, a smoothness and stability. Aside from Smart dimming zones technology, the VIZIO television still offers a number of features which will provide a better picture quality.

Optimal Connectivity for Ease of Use

If you have several devices you want to connect, you will be surprised with the number of ports available on this VIZIO E Series E701i-A3. It comes with multiple HDMI ports which will give you easy access when you want to connect some devices such as a game console, a laptop or a satellite box. If you want to share photos or other files, doing this task is also easy since this led TV comes with the USB connectivity which will allow you to share your favorite music so that you can listen it with your friends and family.

Operating VIZIO E Series E701i-A3 is also easy since it comes with the manual instructions that are easy to understand. When it comes to setting up the television, changing the settings or accessing the features, all of these tasks can be done with the use of smart remote with qwerty keyboard available on this television. By using the remote, you can access a number of features available.

More Connectivity Options From VIZIO E Series E701i-A3

VIZIO E Series E701i-A3
Great Connectivity at VIZIO E Series E701i-A3
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The other feature that many will love from VIZIO E Series E701i-A3 is the availability of multiple HDMI ports. These ports provide the ideal connection to a laptop, a satellite box or even a game console.

The use of USB connectivity makes it easier when we want to share some videos, photos or listen to our favorite music with friends and family. Overall, the product everything that you need when it comes to accessing internet, playing video games or even sharing some files such as photos and videos. It is easy to connect the other device to VIZIO E701i-A3 since the ports are located in the back which is easy to reach.

VIZIO E Series E701i-A3 is also easy to use despite of many features available. Setting up the television is also easy since you can read the manual instruction available on this product. If you want to change some settings, you won’t find any difficulty when adjusting the brightness or contrast. For easy access, you can use the remote control that has qwerty keyboard, it gives you more flexibility when using some features.

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